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Digital Signage Solutions 

Hotels, retail outlets, restaurants, train stations, and even airports are turning to digital signage over print advertising.

Why Digital Signage?

Digital Signage Attracts Consumers’ Attention

Consumers are used to traditional means of advertising, such as billboards, posters, and window displays. In order to break through the white noise of standard advertising messages, companies can use digital signage to capture attention through videos, live news feeds, and more.

A Way to Showcase Work

Professionals who want to display their portfolios can turn to digital signage to create engaging slideshows or look books. Client testimonials and high-profile project completions can be included in the digital signage to increase brand awareness and trust in a business’ services.

Our solutions are tailored to your budget and work closely with you throughout the process to ensure trouble free installations. 

Zoom Rooms Digital Signage

Existing Zoom Customer? Why not leverage Zoom Rooms which includes features that shares images, videos and websites across any display! 

Utilizing Zoom Rooms Digital Signage, displaying pertinent information throughout an office will be essential to maintain safe human capacities in the post-COVID workplace. With just a single Zoom Rooms license, organizations can deploy unlimited Digital Signages in and out of conference rooms. One of the supported content types that Digital Signage supports are URLs, which allows Zoom Rooms Admins to leverage secure cloud-based occupancy dashboards from organizations like, in order to display building capacity limits and human occupancy alerts through a web page across all Digital Signage displays in the office. .


Video Walls

Explore a Superior Visual Performance which is reliable and resillient!

Our Video wall systems are built from professional-grade components, and designed for 24/7, mission-critical environments. 

Ensuring our Video Wall installations are designed with minimal maintenance in-mind is key for us! 

Video walls offer far more flexibility in terms of size and shape than a single display. Depending on the display type and mounting system used, they can be wall-mounted, free-standing, curved, non-rectangular, and even three-dimensional. They can be small enough to be portable or scaled to massive dimensions. This unique versatility enables video walls to be used in an enormous range of environments and use-cases.

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